Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flea market finds make great panels...

We went to the annual town flea market not far from home as we do every year. I found some interesting glass dishes and seen a lid to what may have been a candy dish for .25 and thought what a cool flower center it would make. I worked up some petals and made these 3 panels. Each one is different and unique in there own way. I think they came out pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Natalie's Panel

This is a panel I am doing for my granddaughter Natalie. It is long overdue but had a hard time finding the right pattern for her room that her Mom did an awesome job with. I searched many pattern sites and came across a name panel I liked but wasn't the right name. I contacted the designer and asked if she could make a Natalie for me. Thank you Marion at PDQpatterns.
I made the panel in copper foil and it will be framed in wood made by her granddad so it sure will be a labor of love.
Here are a few pics of the panel being made and also a picture of Natalie's beautiful bedroom it will be going.