Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Stain glass recycled plate!

I love playing with my "garage sale" finds. Recently I have seen many projects with sunflowers, I guess everyone is tired of the cold and snow and want a little reminder of summer in these cold months. I wanted to make one out of the plates but thought the clear center just isn't right, so I decided to plate the center with a granite brown glass. I thing the results are great as you can hang this plate either one the front or the back for a different look. Looks great in the window and will bring a bit of summer in all year long.

Stain Glass projects

Will here we are a new year has started. Hoping it a better one for everyone! I have been taking a break since the hustle of the craft shows and the holiday gifts. Here are some of the thing I worked on in the fall. I made 2 polish crest panel for 2 of my sons . They both have wanted me to make them one for quite a while and decided it was time.